Is money the root of all evil?

Is money the root of all evil?

There is a push in this country to stake claim on the wealth of some in order to “spread it around” to others. There’s talk of the rich needing to pay their “fair share.” There’s distorted information about how some of the wealthiest Americans obtain and shelter their income. Some say that money is the root … Continue reading

One question every man asks himself

Each man reaches a point in his life where he has to decide whether he is on the right track. He must look himself in the mirror and evaluate his own reflection. Is it the man he  expects to see? Is he following the dreams he established as a younger man? Can those dreams ever be … Continue reading

Where there’s a will, there’s an A!

  Hot dog. Look at that. First two classes passed with great results. My favorite thing about both of these classes: they value the thought process. I was expecting to be graded on my ability to regurgitate the lesson; fortunately for me, the experience was much better than that. In addition, I have learned things in … Continue reading


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  It is a fresh new year – full of hopes, dreams, and challenges. Many of us will use the new year as a launching pad for personal improvement and an opportunity to accomplish important goals. Maybe yours is to advance within your department, to finally run that extra…

One more day: GAP – Day 364

Today’s GAP post is for gratitude. One more day until completing this 365 day intentional blog series. One more day until we thaw out of the frozen tundra. One more day until Melisa and I take a kid-free vacation. One more day until my classes begin. Today I am grateful for great things coming in just one more day.

So glad I tried out: GAP – Day 361

So glad I tried out: GAP – Day 361

Today’s GAP post is for gratitude. I realized today that I am entering my 7th year on the worship arts team at GCC. It’s crazy… it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. The audition process was a bit intimidating for me. I remember feeling like I wouldn’t make the cut. I had three diverse … Continue reading