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Made to be Courageous (Maximizers)

In this week’s Maximizers, Jeremy Lower leads the conversation on living courageously – based on the concepts of the recent film Courageous. Many men fall into the trap of believing that as long as they are providing financially for their family, they are providing for their family. But, is that all it means to fully … Continue reading

Playing to win, or… already won?

“Why would you even play the game if you don’t plan on winning?!?” – Me I love to win. I play to win. In fact, I tend to be competitive in just about everything. Winning the game is part of the fun of playing. Whether it’s a simple board game like Monopoly, or closing a … Continue reading

Living for the scratch: Maximizers Week 3 recap

In week four, Mark Meyer led the conversation about the dumb lies we can get sucked into believing, specifically as it relates to our faith. The most common one is the “good things happen to good people/if I’m a good Christian and I do good things, then God will want to keep me around” myth.  … Continue reading

What are they saying about you?

You lead a sales team. You manage a business office. You are the foreman on an assembly line or work crew. You’re a church. Boyscout troop. Lemonade stand. Baby sitter. Medical professional. Your products, services, size, and mobility are all different. One major thing you have in common??? You are a brand. Your job at … Continue reading