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Hard Truth: Like a Punch in the Gut

In Maximizers this week, I was totally punched in the gut by one specific quote. You know, that one liner that makes you feel sick because you know it was intended for you by some freak instance of divine intervention? It was very timely, considering I had posted the night before about how well I … Continue reading

Take the gloves off

What is the one thing that, if we understood as Christians, would change the church and increase our effectiveness? Love God, love others? Be the hands and feet of Christ? We are hid in Christ’s work? Jesus loves us? Less tactical, more relational? We are worthy of grace and mercy? What about forgiveness?  What about … Continue reading

Theology… of Work?

Work. What comes to mind when you see or hear this word?  Some might say that work is synonymous with your job. Some might even say it’s a higher vocation or professional designation. Others would consider it their calling or the product of their efforts, creativity, and intelligence. Work, in simple terms, has often been … Continue reading

“Talents” belong to the King…

A special thanks to guest writer Matt Meyer for this week’s recap!   In this week’s Maximizers, we considered the parable of the talents: recognized that the “talents” belonged to the King, even after they were entrusted to the servants. God has “invested” in us; given us abilities, passion, spiritual gifts, time, money, influence … … Continue reading

37 minutes of Holy Discontent

In this week’s Maximizers, we took a slightly different approach to how we normally use our time. For thepast few weeks, we’ve engaged in topical discussions aimed at maximizing ourselves for greater impact in our respective environments. This time, we chewed on this question: What can be accomplished when a group of business leaders pool … Continue reading