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Are women crazy? Really?

Are women crazy? Really?

All women are crazy. The more I hear it, the more I wonder why men keep it in their back pocket like a solid conversational ‘go-to’ expression. Are women crazy? Really? Continue reading

Why isn’t FSU ranked #1? GAP – Day 327

Why isn’t FSU ranked #1? GAP – Day 327

Today’s GAP post is for attitude. Okay – not really an attitude per se, but definitely a point of contention I have with the College Football ranking system. Frankly, the #1 ranked Alabama team is being outproduced by several teams, including the #2 ranked Florida State Seminoles. To back my rant, I pulled stats to see … Continue reading

Taming the Social Media Hot Mic

This mic is always turned on… For the past few weeks, I have struggled with developing an idea worth blogging about. I’ve had several things to write about, but I’m a bit clogged with personal opinions that feel more like ranting than actually adding value to others – which is what I intentionally purposed this … Continue reading

In honor of work…

It’s Labor Day – a celebration of the economical and social contributions of the American worker. Today’s Minute with Maxwell is appropriately entitled “Work.”  As Maxwell explains, real work has diminished in value in our society, often replaced with instant gratification. Play now, pay later. I agree with his sentiment that there should not be … Continue reading

If you think…

“If you think you can, or, if you think you can’t, you’re probably right.” – Henry Ford I’ve always loved this quote because it is a completely accurate assessment of mental attitude.  Is yours positive or negative?  Attitude certainly determines altitude.  It’s very easy to become frustrated about the little things that cause hiccups in … Continue reading

I’m going edgy…

So, I was reading through my blog roll today and discovered that one of my favorite authors, Jonathan Acuff, posted an article on his blog about Christians and Sex. Oooooooooooooooooooo… oil and water, right? Why does the “world” get to have “great” sex AND a ga-jillion ways to talk about it, while Christians are expected … Continue reading

All gave some, some gave all

Let us never forget what today is about. Freedom. It’s a blessing bestowed upon all of us; a gift given by brave men and women for 0ver 230 years. If you see a soldier today, please thank him/her for their sacrifice. They are someone’s father/mother/son/daughter/brother/sister/etc. Whenever you see the colors, remember that regardless of your … Continue reading

Fat-Cat Skat

This cartoon well illustrates my frustration with government… it’s simply getting too big.  Too many federal offices of God knows what to regulate everything under the sun, including the “unfair” profits of some private sector industries and/or companies in what is supposed to be a capitalistic society. I was reminded today of this passage from … Continue reading