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It’s all really about Attractional…

Mark Beeson – ALL of it is really ATTRACTIONAL “It’s all really Attractional… and you thought this was the AND Conference!” – Mark Beeson We’re following the God who doesn’t qualify. When was the last time you got to do something you didn’t qualify for? God doesn’t make us qualify because we are loved beyond … Continue reading

You might be your own communication roadblock!

Kem Meyer – Less control. More influence. “Connecting with people across the spectrum requires us to stay connected to the needs and beliefs of those around us. This becomes more challenging when we get lost in our own creative pursuits.” – Scott Belsky, from his book Making Ideas Happen. You have to be aware of … Continue reading

Slow down, cowboy – check your paradigm!

Alan Hirsch – On the Verge Alan co-wrote the book On the Verge with Dave Ferguson. As Alan describes, he comes from more of the “geeky” role, which Dave hits more on the application side. This book is the product of open discussions around the concerns for the church; specifically, the Western church (including Europe). … Continue reading

Every church needs a Court Jester.

Eric Bramlett – The Theology of Comedy Eric is the Creative Arts Director at Community Christian Church. With a background in theatre, Eric’s role as the resident “court jester” for his Naperville, IL builds on the Attractional part of the AND. Sacred ≠ serious Don’t run in church Don’t laugh in church “The name of … Continue reading

Hey, give me your boots!

What if it’s not that we’re not being fed – what is there’s something bigger that we’re missing? What if we are craving transformation? For Brandon Hatmaker, it was a call to the serve the poor. He describes this as being a very uncomfortable transition. He was leading at a large church, but knew there … Continue reading