Are women crazy? Really?

All women are crazy

“You know women…. they’re all crazy! Am I right or am I right”

I have heard this from guys time and time again. I bet I’m even guilty of saying something similar at some point.

All women are crazy.

Guys – be honest here: Have you said it? Do we really believe your wife/girlfriend/mother/sister/mother-in-law, etc. is crazy? Or, is it just something said in an attempt to relate on some manly level?

The more I hear it, the more I wonder why men keep it in their back pocket like a solid conversational ‘go-to’ expression.

I attended a business dinner last night for a local industry association. I attempted to strike up a conversation by asking the guy across from me how he liked his shoes. I own the same pair, so I thought I would ask for his review. At a minimum, it could have been a decent ice breaker. He proceeded to tell me that he married about a month ago, and that his wife made him get those shoes… and a belt… and a shirt… and he was “screwed” on the deal because it cost him a lot of money. At the risk of not being completely and socially awkward, I sympathized with the pain of wedding expenses.

Sidebar.. I actually don’t know what it’s like to have an expensive wedding… ours wasn’t and it was still awesome. Back to the story…

He then said “hey – you only get married once… at least, I only want to be married once.” Of course, I told him that I fully recommend and support that mindset. Divorce sucks.

Then, he lost me completely in the conversation by saying, and I quote: “But, man – I don’t know how this one is going to work out. I mean, women are crazy, right???” Wink wink, elbow elbow, sly grin.

There it is. Women are crazy. I wasn’t sure what to say and the conversation kind of fizzled in my awkwardness of trying to come up with a proper response. Was I supposed to agree? I actually don’t think women are crazy, and I certainly don’t think my wife is crazy.

In fact, there are countless times my wife has saved me from making a bonehead move.

I’m sure every man reading this could make the same admission – your woman has kept you from doing something stupid.

Before bed, I shared this conversation with my wife, but in a “you won’t believe this idiot I was next to” tone. She asked me what I said in response.

Me: ummmmm…. yeah – I just stopped talking to him because he seemed like an idiot. 

Wife: Really? You should have said something like “Huh – really, because I love my wife and she’s not crazy at all!”

Me: oh yeah… I should have said that. Good point. 

Wife: If don’t agree with it, be counter-culture. It’s far more effective. Maybe they’ll think you’re crazy, but it’s okay to be THAT guy.

See – my wife is brilliant…. not crazy.

You know what? She’s absolutely right. Our media and our culture feed us this narrative – why do we consume it? As she pointed out, we will continue to repeat dumb things unless we are willing to change the conversation.

Ask yourself this question: is it more manly to go along with the joke, or, to be the one who changes the conversation?

Looks like I need to step it up the next time I hear this line. Men: In the moment of truth, what will you do?


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