The Greatest Leadership Challenge ISN’T Leading Others…

Leading Me - John C Maxwell

While listening to an interview between Darren Hardy and John C. Maxwell on what makes great leadership, I heard John say this and it resonated with me big time. Many of you know that John and Darren are two of my biggest mentors, so any opportunity to hear them together in the same sitting is a treat. These two guys have provided a great visual model for me to follow and have big been a big part of my own development journey over the past few years.

My biggest take-away from everything I’ve read and listened to by John and Darren is this:

THE most important part of leadership is leading yourself.

The bottom line from my perspective: You can’t teach what you don’t know, you can’t lead people somewhere you can’t go, and you can’t succeed if you don’t grow. Whatever your next step is for LEADING YOU better, take it!

How are you doing on your greatest leadership challenge? What are you currently doing to LEAD YOU better?


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