Working to find your fit

Ever feel like you were meant for something great, yet you’re always working to find your fit?

Me too.

There are times where I feel like I am positioned for success. There are times where I feel like I am packaged to be an incredible impact.

There are times I feel like I can make just about anything happen.

And then, there are other times where I feel inadequate or lacking in education, experience, or skill.

Time to define my expectations

In these times, it is very important to define my expectations.

Where do expect to end up? Why is it important to get there? What does success truly look like? What time frame is appropriate for this result? How much investment does it require?

I believe planning is an essential part of reaching a goal. Mountain climbers have a trail map. Pilots establish a set flight course. You take a map or GPS device when going on a road trip.

By doing so, you can plan for travel time, stops, fuel efficiency, etc.

Meant for something great

About six years ago, a colleague of mine said that he always knew he was meant for something great, but had not yet found his fit. He was in his early 30’s at the time.

I just turned 30 a couple of months ago. I remember thinking how I did not want to be in a place where I sensed purpose but lacked direction. I am currently serving in a few great capacities and starting to get into a groove with life.

Life looks a lot different than it did six years ago. I have lots more experience and see the world quite differently. I’ve been stretched in many more ways than I may have picked at the time, but am now thankful for.

Plugging in to find your fit

Sometimes a certain size bolt or screw seems like it may not be the right fit; but sometimes, with a little elbow grease, it can become the right fit. Here are 5 ways that I stay plugged in to finding my fit:

  1. What are you passionate about? It’s easier to find your fit if you are operating within your area of passion. This is different than your favorite hobby.
  2. Educate yourself: Consume relevant and useful information. Read a lot of books, blogs, and magazines. Listen to audio books. Attend conferences.
  3. Apply some elbow grease: To get stronger, you need to train your mind, body, and soul. Nothing great comes easy, cheap, or maintenance free. Work for it.
  4. Enlist the help of others: Sometimes a little WD-40 helps to loosen sticky parts. The same is true with people who can help you leverage resources. Find them, ask for help, and be ready and valuable enough to return the favor.
  5. Stick with it:Just keep showing up. Nothing stands in the way of success more than giving up. It’s going to be tough, but the end result is worth it.

What would you suggest to someone who is trying to find their perfect fit? How do you know when you’ve found your ‘right’ place?


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