“Talents” belong to the King…

A special thanks to guest writer Matt Meyer for this week’s recap!


In this week’s Maximizers, we considered the parable of the talents: recognized that the “talents” belonged to the King, even after they were entrusted to the servants. God has “invested” in us; given us abilities, passion, spiritual gifts, time, money, influence … and He’ll be looking to collect a “return on his investment”.

This was the context we established to discuss where & how we are making an impact for the Kingdom. We acknowledged having “mission envy” as we listened to Justin Maust and LeRoy King talk so passionately about their Kingdom work, in light of our relatively modest contributions. Churches seemed to be full of guys helping here and there, but mostly ‘filling holes’ where they’ve been asked to help out, leaving them feeling overworked and underutilized at the same time. All the while wondering “Is this what God wants me doing?”

Finally, we talked about solutions … ways in which we can “tweak” our approach to insure we’ll get a “Well done!” when we stand before the King someday. A sampling:

  • Think deeply about this question: Who have you been placed here to serve?
  • Say no often – be slow to commit, but really invest when you do
  • Remember your ‘thing’ can be in support of someone else – which doesn’t mean you have to ‘create’ some new ministry
  • What skills are you developing now that could be useful for the BOC?
  • Don’t stress about “Is this the right place?”: find a place you’re passionate about and give it your all … the King looked for a return, didn’t critique ‘the how’
  • Remember Mary’s choice vs. Martha: she chose what was better. Don’t serve in lieu of relationship with God … serve from it

Keep thinking and praying about where you might be able to plug in and add value. Remember, this can be at home, at work, or in your community – try not to get caught in the trap of second guessing how big your impact will be. It’s all about His Kingdom!


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